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  1. We thank Jesus for continuing to bless our project. 

  2. Our project is 100% donor funded. 

  3. We are staffed 100% by our wonderful volunteers, which includes all Board Members and Committee Members.

  4. We provide financial assistance even after you receive your initial tote. 

  5. We provide various means of support, not just financial, but emotional as well. 

  6. We have relationships with those we assist; you’re considered part of our family and we love you. 

  7. We like to have fun - offering various activities so it’s not all about “I have cancer”. 

  8. We operate under the Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation - they are all AMAZING individuals that guide us and we are SO BLESSED to have partnered with them. 

  9. We welcome any of your ideas, thoughts and suggestions. Feel free to email us at 

  10. What started with ONE pumpkin to honor the memory of our sister has turned into THOUSAND of pumpkins to create a LEGACY of Faith, Hope, Love and Compassion for ALL individuals; especially our fighters and survivors and to remember those who have received their heavenly healing. 

**It is our honor to have begun something we thought was so small, that has turned into more than we could have possibly imagined...and God’s not done yet**
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