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The Pink Pumpkin Project (PPP) Mission:


To Live a Legacy of Faith, HOPE, Love and Compassion for others and to make sure NO ONE fights alone! To provide financial and emotional support to those in our local communities fighting breast cancer.

Outdoor Chairs

August fighter/survivor picnic: 

Even though covid has postponed our annual Celebration another year, we opted for something unique, but still special! 

Aug 8th- PPP along with Jeff Boser will have a chicken bbq and corn roast! Of course, many other delicious sides will be available as well! 

It will be a day of sisterhood, love, laughs, support and games will be available!


Virtual 5K run/walk: 

Hello all! 


We have less than 2 months before our virtual event! Please share and sign up your friends and family to help support our project!


First 200 participants receive a free Buffalo giveaway! 

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(click on the pink circle to make sure it is in our community radius)

Nominate a Fighter:

Our project is 100% DONOR FUNDED. All assistance we give to those in treatment is due to the generosity of our amazing community and family members.


If you know of someone currently going through breast cancer treatment within the pink shaded area of the map (you may zoom in), please complete the nomination form, as it is in our heart to assist all those affected by breast cancer in our local area. 


PLEASE NOTE: As we would love to assist everyone, all monies donated are done with the understanding that it is distributed to those fighting breast cancer in our local area.


PPP is not an emergency assistance program and we are unable to provide immediate financial aid. Any and all requests, must be submitted with the online form. 

How to get involved:

You can get involved in many ways:

  1. Purchase pumpkins

  2. Donate your time to help decorate, or even

  3. Just spread the word!

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PPP's 10 Facts you may not know

Think you know all there is to know about The Pink Pumpkin Project? 

Well click the Pink Pumpkin Project 10 Facts You May Not Know and find out!!

About Us:

In 2007, Laurie Anzivine Ogle (Lynn’s sister-in-law, pictured), received her heavenly healing.


It was just a few years later that the PPP was formed by Lynn Anzivine.

More about Laurie....