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About Us

In 2007, Laurie Anzivine Ogle (Lynn’s sister-in-law, pictured), received her heavenly healing.


It was just a few years later that the PPP was formed by Lynn Anzivine.

For Laurie:


Laurie was a kind, beautiful soul that was always doing for others. She lovingly and quietly

was a “doer of kind works” from purchasing groceries for neighbors that were in need to

saving baby turtles.


Even during her breast cancer, she never complained, she was continually thinking of how her

family was handling all of this. Laurie never wavered in her faith. She never said, “why me?”

Instead she always felt whether on earth or in heaven, God would heal her.


Laurie loved spending time with her family. She especially enjoyed her nieces and nephews,

whom she referred to as her “little people”. They shared countless hours of storytelling from

“Aunt Sissy” all the while sharing  snacks such as glasses of apple juice and concord grapes.


It is through this project that we honor our daughter, sister, aunt and friend!

Our dreams remain alive! We have not given up HOPE!! In God’s timing, we know we will be able to provide a larger facility that will have everything we need under one roof!! 


We thank Jesus for continuing to bless our project and our wonderful community for supporting our project, which is 100% donor funded and all volunteer based!


As our motto states, “giving hope to fighters, one pumpkin at a time”.


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PPP's 10 Facts you may not know

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Well click the Pink Pumpkin Project 10 Facts You May Not Know and find out!!

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