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Past Events 2016

Christmas Blessings


Christmas is a time of giving and PPP aspired to make Christmas a little merrier for those going through a difficult time!! Over the Holiday weeks, 17 ladies were blessed with $200 in chamber gift cards to help make their Christmas a little brighter.

We were happy to provide even the smallest of blessings to those lovely ladies during this holiday season!

Third Annual Tree of Hope


Over 50 people were in attendance for the 3rd Annual Tree of HOPE lighting ceremony held in Lincoln Park, Olean NY.

Names of breast cancer fighters, survivors and those who have received their heavenly healing.

We had a 5,4,3,2,1 countdown and then PINK LIGHTS!!!

PPP Second Annual Celebration


Another wonderful event celebrating breast cancer fighters, survivors and remembering those who received their heavenly healing was held September 17 at Old Library Events in Olean, NY

The 300 guest event was a sell out in 8 days! There were gorgeous raffles donated by community members, dancing, generous amounts of delicious food prepared by Chef Joe Marra and 2 videos consisting of PPP's past 5 seasons and a tribute. There even was a special survivor package give-a-way of a 4 day 3 night stay to Niagara Falls, USA.


Thank you to all who attended!

Second Annual 5k Run/Walk


On Saturday, August 13 the PPP held it's SECOND ANNUAL 5k run/walk!! We are so thankful to the 275 runners and walkers in attendance along with the several helpers and supporters!

Voyage to Niagara Falls

Some things are life changing, life altering, like having breast cancer. Surviving breast cancer!


Today was a day I'll never forget! I was able to share with my lifelong friend and 2 of our PPP members (who I consider friends) a day that we celebrated life! We took these amazing ladies who have been to hell and back, who fought (and still fight) through chemo, radiation and illness and formed together a sisterhood!!


We shared stories, laughs, slurpies, dirt on our butts, sweat, a fabulous ride on the Maid of the Mist, cooling in the water and LOVE!!!


Thank you to John Schirrmacher for starting out our day in prayer, Paul from We Care Transportation for the donation of the bus (nice work in that Mari!), Ken our bus driver who donated his time, Ried's Food Barn for the muffins, apples and water, Service Stores for the cheese sticks, water and crackers, John Percy for all his assistance , The Hard Rock Cafe, the wonderful crew all throughout the park and to our ENTIRE COMMUNITY, family and friends who so graciously donate on a continued basis which allows us to do wonderful things such as this to brighten the day of ladies such as these, who deserve it so much!!!

-Lynn Anzivine


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