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A Tribute to: Donald Reese


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My Dad, Don Reese.

He lead by example of Faith, Family and Dedication. He was my biggest supporter of everything I did. 


When we began PPP in 2012, he was there to purchase one of the very first pumpkins and for 8 years after that. He and Christine attended every Celebration and supported PPP in every fundraiser we had. 


My Dad took pride in everything he did, from the way he dressed to the way he mowed his lawn. Not only did he take pride in himself, but that pride extended to me and and my brother. He was so proud of the adults we have become and we owe so much of who we are to our amazing, loving and caring father. 


One of the last gifts he gave me, was the gift of donations in his honor to PPP. 


To date, we have received over $3,500 in his memory. 


One of the ventures we performed this year was purchasing 60-$50 gift cards to Ried’s Food Barn to assist our fighters/survivors for Thanksgiving. 


My brother and I are so proud to be his children and I’m personally grateful for the love and support my father has shown me for 52 years, I will ALWAYS be his daughter and his memory will live in my heart forever. 


Thank you to all who have donated in his memory, we are forever grateful. 


Lynn Anzivine

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