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I’m not good with this but want people to know how great Pink Pumpkin is. Four and half years watching my mom fight was hard, but every trip, gathering, making holiday arrangements and my moms best was making a wood sign... made her smile.

I was introduced to the Pink Pumpkin Project when my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  At that time I was a 5 year breast cancer survivor. PPP invited me and my mom to take a bus trip to Niagara Falls and that’s where we got to meet other fighters and survivors.


Talking and doing fun things with our pink sisters helped both me and my mom during her journey.  When my mom had to make more trips to Roswell we were given a gas card and was always asked if we needed anything.  


The biggest gift I got from PPP was great memories with my mom and seeing my mom smile at every Pink Pumpkin event.  


Thank you.


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