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When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2016, my world turned upside down. The fear of ”OMG am I gonna die” became so real and was very hard to process. Once I had a plan together and knew what I was facing, it became a little easier... BUT then I felt so alone.


My husband and family were amazing and were right there with me through everything, but still they couldn’t know the magnitude of fear I had, especially of the unknown or the turmoil I went through every single day; not knowing what my future held for me. 


Then about a month later I received a visitor, a most beautiful young lady with a huge heart named Brittney, from “The Pink Pumpkin Project” with a “fighter tote” for me. This organization has helped me in so many ways, from the support groups  we have 2 times a month, to all the wonderful holiday gatherings they
plan for us. Just having so many other women out there to talk to who know exactly what we’re going thru helps so much. They truly have become friends and sisters to me.


Lynn and the other women on the committee are so genuine with everything they do for us, they treat us like “family”. It is such an emotional, heartfelt time when THEY actually thank US for allowing them to be part of and share our lives with THEM.


No man or woman ever wants to hear those words “you have breast cancer,” but in my area if it happens, you are not alone and can turn to Lynn and the PPP for any of your needs.


I had 2 surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and a year of chemo pills to reduce my risk of recurrence for my type of cancer. Today I am almost 3 years since my
diagnosis and I’m thrilled to say I’m cancer free. I try hard every day not to think of cancer or the possibility of recurrence, but it is always there somewhere on my mind. I stay positive, determined and thankful to GOD every minute of every day that I am doing well.


I cannot be more grateful for Lynn and the PPP. I’m not sure where I’d be today without the love and support from Lynn and the PPP. They are truly my other “Family”.

Thank you so much for listening to my “story”




Melissa L. Beer

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